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About Dahl PR

Dahl PR

Dahl Communications & PR was established in 2009 and our head office can be found at Regus in Ballerup.

We help large as well as small companies, as today many firms like to outsource their PR needs to PR agencies.

Many of our customers specialize in cosmetics/beauty and lifestyle industries, but we also enjoy working in other industries. We are in the growth stage and expect to grow further in the coming years.

Good PR requires planning and targeted communication, with up-to-date information.

What is PR?

PR stands for Public Relations, which aims to help create or maintain your company/product reputation.

Public Relations influence the public's opinion and regulates the media in order to create a positive and mutual understanding between the company / product and stakeholders.

Working with Public Relations must be based on integrity and honesty, and there must be a clear connection & credibility between words and the actions from the company.

Our mission is to reduce the distance between you and your customers, and to keep the public updated about your company's progress and news within product range.